Applause Digital is at the forefront of producing fun, interactive and engaging augmented reality solutions for brand activations, marketing campaigns, educational products, events and promotions, medical, FMCG plus other business applications.

Our team combines augmented reality (AR) with real-world and computer-generated data including video, audio, 3D, animation, location based services, published content and real-time data taking information retrieval to a whole new level.

Create amazing experiences for your audience including video holograms, immersive 360 photo or video panoramas, 2D/3D animation, URL triggers, call-2-actions, social sharing, industry specific app publishing and much more.

To find out more on how Applause Digital can help you successfully launch AR and VR into your daily marketing, contact our team today.


Augmented Reality Event Activations

Add a new dimension to your next event by including augmented reality. Applause Digital can help you roll-out your next launch, trade show or product activation.

Augmented Reality Promotions

Applause Digital designs, builds and delivers augmented reality promotions that help drive your marketing program, engage your customers and help increase brand recall of your products and services.

Augmented Reality in Publishing

Publishing with the inclusion of augmented reality is opening new areas of discovery and story telling and the team at Applause Digital will help scope, develop and deliver augmented reality publishing opportunities for publishers, business, story writers and authors.

Augmented Reality Educational Products

Our team creates and builds limitless AR opportunities for the educational industry by incorporating augmented reality elements into your educational products. Adding a whole new perspective to learning from pre school to university.

Augmented Reality Business Applications

Create customer focused opportunities with an AR difference. Build recall or offer your clients useful information on a regular basis with augmented reality solutions by Applause Digital.

Augmented Reality Gaming

Imagine space ships flying around your home, 3D pop up books with mystical characters or finding a magical world hidden in the walls of your home. Augmented reality brings fun, educational, interactive and adventure games into your room literally.