VR in Eduction

Virtual Reality in Education Continues to Provide Limitless Learning Opportunities

How Virtual Reality Provides Limitless Education Market Opportunities Virtual Reality in Education continuously looks for new ways to engage students. Virtual reality is a new and sought-after way to help students ditch distractions. Experiences outside of the classroom leave a huge impact on students, and virtual reality offers the perfect opportunity to leave these impressions…


Passion drives innovation: AR and VR founders survey reveals new trends

Passion drives innovation: AR and VR founders survey reveals new trends Here are the top trends that emerged from our survey: Women are starting to play larger leadership roles in technology and innovation. Data reveals passion drives entrepreneurship, not technical skills. Technical skills guarantee employability. Companies need to invest in training their workforce in both…

Augmented Reality meets Education

Augmented Reality meets Education : Bringing Interactive Learning to the Classroom

Augmented Reality meets education The world is at a pinnacle moment of the Information Era, known as the New Media Age. Technology is rapidly progressing at such a rate that many ideas still seem to be that of science fiction. On the roads, cars are literally driving themselves. UAV’s and drones are making advancements in some unexpected ways by aiding…