From an end users point of view hybrid apps appear just like a native app and are downloaded from app stores. However, hybrid apps use a hybrid mix of native and web technologies. This is commonly in the form of a thin native shell with web technology in the centre. Overall, hybrid apps are gaining popularity as they benefit from the best of the web and native worlds.
  • Easier to build and maintain across multiple platforms
  • Small amount of platform-specific native coding required
  • Easier to convert to a 100% web experience if desired
  • The overall experience delivered is rich and benefits from access to all of the phones’ native features through the native shell including camera, gyro, calendars etc
  • Native functionality can be used selectively where it provides most value
  • Enables a great balance between cross-platform flexibility and richness
  • Hybrid apps are easy to maintain for users, as they see updates right away thanks to the web technology
  • Hybrid apps benefit from being able to go onto the various app stores and benefit from a smaller download size
  • Operating platform upgrades may require app updates to be made similar to the native app
  • Changes to native code would require resubmission to app stores
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