Mobile web apps (or applications) are simply websites that are accessed via a browser on a mobile device and delivered to the user in a mobile friendly way. They can be created in a variety of ways including CSS styling, Content Management Systems (CMS), as a Service (SAAS), and bespoke builds, each having their own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Costs to build and maintain mobile websites can vary widely, but due to their reach they are a low-cost method in terms of cost per potential viewer.

  • Work cross-platform
  • Viewable on both smartphones and feature phones
  • Internet-enabled phones with mobile access can access
  • Low-cost in terms of cost per potential viewer reach
  • Are relatively fast and inexpensive to maintain
  • Don’t require to be housed on an app store
  • Bookmark icon or link to access
  • Provides a quick option to get to market
  • Great for retail, airlines and other travel businesses, events and promotions including conferences, tradeshows, surveys and database collection activities.
  • Lower level of consumer experience compared to other apps
  • Generally a cut down version for mobile
  • Cannot be accessed offline
  • Cannot utilize smart phone features
  • Slow page load speeds and responsiveness
  • Generally least optimised user experience but is slowly increasing due to the rise of HTML 5
  • Not the greatest option if you want to evolve the mobile experience
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