Native apps (applications) are specific to a platform such as Android or iOS and sit at the opposite end to web apps. They are downloaded from online stores such as the Apple App store, Android Marketplace or Amazon. The assets and code for native apps generally live on the phone then talk to the web when requests are activated while using the application.

  • Exceptional ability to deliver a vibrant user experience
  • Fantastic games user experience
  • Instant user interface response times
  • Offline/online capabilities
  • Full ability to integrate native applications with the phones capabilities (eg. cameras, gps, siri)
  • Have a higher sales ratio
  • Higher cost to produce
  • Single platform deployment (e.g. iOS, Android) therefore limits your reach to people with a smartphone on the right platform and potentially on the right version of the platform operating system
  • Higher maintenance to keep-up-to-date with constantly evolving platform operating systems
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