ASIC Annual Forum Interactive Digital Publishing Event Publication App


Making event publications more interactive is what Applause Digital does best. Providing delegates and guests with fully interactive and engaging content that allows them to be part of the event, road show or conference. View videos, listen to speakers, provide feedback, be always up-to-date with last minute changes to speaker schedules, read bios and interact through social media are just some of the benefits. In addition you can view full analytics to track what your audience is interested in which in turn allows you to control and enhance content and therefore make your next event more beneficial. One recent example is the ASIC Annual Forum event program which was made available for iOS & Android mobile devices.


Applause Digital Briefed by ASIC, created the full concept design and branding for the ASIC Annual Forum.


Applause Digital produced the event program publication for print then transformed it into a fully interactive digital publication ready for delegates to view and interact with during the event. All work was performed in-house by our own publishing team and utilised Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite to deliver the final digital event program.


Publication Design and Formatting, Create Overlay Interactive Elements, Create Interactive Navigation and Simple Hand Gesture Icons, Publish Chapter Sections through to final App Publishing. Event Presentation Templates and Slides.